Neighborhood Networks Community Computer Lab

We operate a free community computer lab (Neighborhood Networks) at the Reynolds West Estates in Transfer, PA. The computer lab offers adult education classes, after-school tutoring for children and youth, and support for residents to access online resources, services, and programs. David R. Richardson, Vice President, serves as the Program Manager of the Community Computer Lab.


Mainline School of Theology

We offer the following courses online in cooperation with the Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College (Kansas):

We have trained over 200 lay ministers for the United Methodist Church in our online training program. The classes are taught by Dr. Joshua D. Reichard, President.

Friends of the University Center for Christian Studies

We support funding the nonprofit program, ACT! Applied Christian Theology, at the University Center for Christian Studies. The program offers a free course that runs one Thursday per month for 10-months throughout the year. The classes are taught by Dr. Joshua Reichard, President.